Broken but Not Defeated!

Going Home

After an accident on Friday night, I’m laid up with three broken ribs.  I spent all day on Saturday in hospital, A&E first and then transferred to another hospital for a CT scan as they thought I may have damaged a kidney in the fall.  Luckily, there is no internal injury but I have broken ribs 8, 9 and 10 around the back.  I can safely say this is the most painful and debilitating injury I’ve ever had (and I’ve sustained a few breaks, knocks and sprains over the years.)  I can barely walk, it’s difficult and painful to talk and even sitting down or trying to get in and out of bed is torture!  SOOOOO, if I’m a bit quiet for a couple of days, it’s because I’m focussing on healing.  If any healers out there can send some distance healing, that would be most welcome.

If I’m currently working on a commission for you/commissions for you, don’t worry, my easel is still up and I shall be painting (standing up is the easiest position to maintain at the moment!)

Love and light to you all xxx


Confused As Ever

Ok, so I’ve chosen four of my paintings to be made into greetings cards.  These are the ones!  All good so far.  I approached several greetings cards companies for quotes.  I’m now up to my ears in samples of different boards, finishes, lamination and prices – all very confusing.  I’m thinking A5 size cards with a gloss lamination on the outside.  Blank inside.  But I could be entirely wrong… anyone with any printing knowledge out there who could give me some pointers? The help would be much appreciated!!!